Fairlop boulders tomorrow pm

I wasn’t sure whether this fell into “trips and meets” or “at the wall”, but if there’s anyone out there not currently infected with covid (a rarity in London at the minute I gather!) I was planning to pop out to the fairlop boulders tomorrow pm to keep Christmas overconsumption at bay…


That’s a good idea. I’ll be in town not far from there in the morning.

I’m working this morning, aiming to meet my friend Duncan there at 130.

Yellow snap boulder pad, small red drybag-style rucksack, multicoloured bobble hat! 07896104194 if that doesn’t help!

There were some icy puddles in the top out holds, some dampness, and some moss, bit a great time was had by all!


Went there soon after opening and not that impressed. Went there during lockdown when it was pretty much the only option and was much more impressed!

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It’s about 15m from my folks so a low investment to check it out. I reckon it will be good fodder for a family picnic with the children on some future (warmer!) weekend when we are up in town.

Here’s an ice climbing in Essex photo from the bouldering trip. Not the warmest but a great warm up for Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone

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If we get locked down again I’ll be at Fairlop Boulders twice a week like I was last lockdown!