Extraordinary Working Meet: 4-7th May 2018

Hi there, we’ll be holding an Extra-Ordinary Working Meet to reroof the Cottage shed over the first May bank holiday, we’ll be starting on the Friday and working through but are likely to get a few breaks while the mortar goes off so hope to get out climbing at some point.

We’ll dismantle the existing timber roof and rebuild and felt and reslate, we’ll need a few helpers! I know some people have expressed interest, so please let me know if you’d like to help out. Roofing/building experience preferred, but there will be plenty of labouring work to do so less skilled people are very welcome, we do want to keep it a small crew though.
Club will provide food for the breakfasts and evenings, should be a good craic.

When we have a decent roof on the shed that will mean all three of our buildings are watertight, it also means we can fit it out as a store and workshop, taking a lot of the materials out from under the stairs, and that means more room for our climbing kit, and it will be a lot easier to find tools and materials at working meets.

Hope some of you can make it!

I’m sure plenty of folk will be there but they will want to climbing over the holiday. I don’t think I can make it as I have some work then. A pity.

Yeah I’d like to go climbing as well, rather than just work on the huts in my ‘free’ time :frowning:

Oh no - already arranged to go south but was otherwise planning to help with this! Sorry.

You should have said Liz!

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I might be able to make it - things are a bit up in the air around this time of year because of essay marking backlog nightmares, but I might be able to help. Can let you know a little closer to the time.

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Thanks Paul, that would be great, just let me know.

I appreciate it is over a bank holiday, but I have to take time off work to do this and I lose less money this way.

Morning Chiz
Just to confirm, as discussed, that I won’t be able to attend as I’ll be helping my wife celebrate her birthday!
Hope you get some takers and that all goes well…

Cheers Richard, duty calls! Thanks for all the hard work at the non-extraordinary Working Meets, catch up before Skye

Indeed it does!
My pleasure and absolutely…

I have a worse excuse I’m afraid…my friend is over from California and persuaded me* to go to Spain climbing for the weekend. Sorry!

*as you can imagine it took a lot of hard work from him.

I can now come and help some days :slight_smile:

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That would be great Liz!

Just a reminder that there will be a small work party at the Cottage over the bank holiday weekend so there may be noise, dust and work around the burner in the evenings, we’ll try and limit it as much as possible but fraid you’ll have to bear with us.

We will be up on the Friday, stripping the roof of the existing moss and slates, Saturday we will build the new roof (and hopefully get a climb in), and we felt, batten and slate on Sunday.

If anyone is up at the Cottage overthe weekend there will be materials and supplies to bring up so would very much appreciate help in carrying stuff up, whether its a bag of cleaning supplies or a 3m long joist! I will be trying to get a delivery on the Friday as far up the track as possible, but that does depend on the weather being kind.

If those that have mooted helping could let me know if and when they are available that would help planning the work and the communal food. If anyone else wants to help then please get in touch. We’ll try and work a 9-4 day, but some jobs will need to be done in a day, and we may well finish early some days.

Getting the shed water tight is the first stage in rationalising our maintenance supplies and storage. We’ll have a further couple of days fitting a new door and window, and then a big effort to clear all the old paint cans, rubbbish and wormy timber. We can then build a proper workbench and racking to bring order out of the chaos, and get a lot of the tools and supplies out of the Cottage, freeing up space for rucksacks and generally decluttering.

Hut Warden

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Amazing progress on the cottage shed in the heat.


Thanks for posting the pics JT, and a massive thank you to everyone who helped over the weekend.

Massive effort by a cast of thousands, not least Kelvin, Khalid and Richard, but also many more.

We stripped and removed the old roof, cleaned up all the slates, built a new roof, and slated half of it, we’ll get more slates to finish it off.

And we christened Martin’s BBQ.

Ace weekend, thanks to all, NLMC is a proper ace club.

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Fantistic job team. thanks so much for giving up your time to the project in such ace weather. I hope you had some fun with it.

Chiz, I have all your receipts, will start a message thread with You and Tom (who approves).

Cheers all


Now I’m back and slightly less frazzled after a swim in the Wye…many many thanks to Richard, Kelvin, Khalid, Catrin, Valerie, Liz, Aggi, JT, Laura and everyone else who helped over the weekend.

I’ll try and write something up for the newsletter, but for now just to say thank you, and that with the shed roof completely rebuilt, and the roof halfway slated, we are on track to get our third property back in proper order and being a useful space.
Short term we will buy reclaimed slates to finish the roof.
Medium term we will be taking the rest of the rubbish and old paint pots to the tip, building a new secure door, glazing the window, fitting weatherboards, and sorting the floor -hopefully using the huge thick slates that were on the roof. That will give us a blank canvas for building a proper workbench, a lot of racking and storage, and getting all the tools and materials out of the cottage which will massively reduce conjestion in the hallway.

A reminder that if you take bikes up to the Cottage, please don’t leave them in the hall or shower block, or assume they can be kept in the shed. Expect you might have to chain them up outside. If the mountain bikers amongst you can research a suitable anchor point the club can pay for it for you to install at a working meet.


Top job everyone - looks fantastic.

@chizharward, as always, made the biggest contribution. Thank you so much.
I have to say, I really enjoyed the work, the food and the camaraderie. I learnt lots.
The sun was shining and we even managed a late ascent of Grooved Arête (HVD) late Monday afternoon without requiring head torches!

Thank you team.

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