Exhibition opening

Hi folks

Got a new show opening this week. Details below. Would be great to see you there.

Wednesday November 20th
18.00 - 20.00

until December 20th, 2019

87 Lever Street

Open Wednesday – Saturday, 12 -18
and by appointment

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Mate, count me in! I’ll be there. :crazy_face:

I would love to come too. Thinking one night the week of 2nd Dec…

Sounds like a nice idea. Show and then drinks…very cultured!

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Good luck, John! Let me know which date you guys are planning on going, would be keen to tag along :slight_smile:

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So guys are we on for the 6th? @johnw1 I notice it’s view by appointment. Will this date be ok?
If so… who’s in!? Post if you’re comin :grin:

I’m keen though I’m busy on the 6th…

Ok guys, gonna pop along tonight for the preview x

We’ll expect a full report at the Mile End later then (I hope).

I’ll pop in for the preview tonight! :smiley:

Sorry Martin just saw this. @johnw1 I think me Khalid and catrin at least would like to come along on the 6th if that works for you?

I think Jess and me would be keen for the 6th too - my other thing is on the 7th it turns out

:grimacing: I’ll going to be climbing with lada in the Costa brava this week/weekend. If anyone wants to make it another time that would be sweet. Like the week after?