Essential reading for visitors to the cottage - Welsh place name pronunciation

Look what those clever clogs at Cambridge have come up with:

Of note the club’s cottage and barn feature:

Bryn Brethynau** – ‘brrin brreth-UH-nye’ [the ‘nye’ is pronounced as in nigh]

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Impressed we made it onto the list!

Wow this is fascinating, lots of discoveries here! And yay for the hut!

It will always be Betsy Co Ed to me


My former manager at Snow and Rock once pronounced ‘cwm’ as ‘quim’…

And they problem here is what?

Innuendo aside, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

On the LL sound: “If you spray the person you’re speaking to with spittle, you may be overdoing it…”

I thought that was the desired effect actually.

This is brilliant, I’ve always been rather embarrassed of my lack of understanding of the welsh language. Thanks for sharing Max, this is a gem!

I werse evacuated to Merthyr Tydfil during the war and didn’t learn any Welsh, cos they did not speak it. so there Ollie.

All I know is YKuchhee do, and Bora Da…

Allen Bordoley, the little evacuee.

Went to Abermorlais School and used to scramble around on Morlais Castle Rocks in 1944/5.-well on the bottom…

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