El Chorro Winter Getaway

With the big trip of the summer now sadly behind us, thoughts turn to the winter months.

No, not Scottish Winter. British Winter. Specifically, the nasty awful bit lasting from 26th December until mid-January. When the Christmas glow has been obliterated by a nasty hangover. When the days are short and cold, with only the inevitable crushing disappointment of New Year’s Eve to look forward to/dread/look back on with shame.

Well I, for one, say: not this year!

This year I want to bugger off to El Chorro for a week (maybe two?!) of sunny bolt clipping. Ideally, over New Year’s Eve. If not, then in early January.

If enough people are keen, and we get organised fast, I expect we could secure a discount rate at the excellent Olive Branch, or else rent out one of the chalets (with log burner!) near by. Happy to take the organisational lead.

Express interest below, if indeed interested. Assuming sufficient excitement is forthcoming, a spreadsheet shall be created, as per tradition.

ps a new Rockfax for the area ought to be out by then. Which is good*, because the old one is practically the definition of Wrongfax.

*assuming this one isn’t also total rubbish, too.

I’m in. The longer the better. I may be in Spain from early November if I finally decide to let go of London… Does it have to be El Chorro? How about Tenerife? I have so much unfinished business there.

Has to be El Chorro


Is this still on the cards? If so I’ll be interested

me too

Definitely on the cards for me.

@Tutu possibly in the area also.

Anyone else?

If there isn’t a huge amount of enthusiasm I may go to the Orange House in Costa Blanca and possibly meet up with @Tom_Blake and/or maybe see if Rich Mayfield wants to teach me how to bolt sport routes.

Also slight issue is that I can’t drive in Spain, cos I owe the Spanish government €200 in unpaid speeding fines, and have to go on my French passport to make sure I can get in. Not a problem if others drive, but something I have to keep in mind.

why not just pay your fines?

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Why else did Paul Vote for Brexit?