El Chorro sunny winter climbing

Hi, there is the idea of sport climbing trip to El Chorro, Spain at the beginning of December.
Flights to Malaga are still really inexpensive (~32 both ways).
El Chorro is an amazing sport climbing destination with grades for everyone

I have booked a cottage for 2-9 December. There is a room with two beds available.
The cost to split is 756Eur for the 7 nights. Ideally we have 4 (maybe 5) in it.
The owner told me she still has one more cottage next by with space for 5 more, so there is space.

Let me know here or whatsapp (07594826423).
It’s time for epic climbing under hot winter sun :smiley:

Unfortunately for this trip I have to be in London on 5th, so I am vaguely considering either arriving earlier and leaving on 5th, or arriving on 6th and leaving January 2027 or so.

Unfortunately the one week I’ll need to be in London for work :frowning: Would go the week after if there’s interest.