DWS Mallorca in September

I’d like to propose here a trip to Mallorca in the first half of June, before the tourist season starts.
Trip would be over one weekend and presume deep water soloing, swimming, and tanning.

Dude…sounds awesome… Count me in!

Sounds epic! Definitely interested if the dates work

I’ve had friends who have enjoyed roped trips there in the past as well, although I don’t know if there’s anything there high, shady and exposed enough to get good conditions.

If you’ve not done dws before it might be worth checking this out as a potential backup, as I know a lot of people (initially including me) who have found it a pretty terrifying experience the first few times. I remember topping out the conger some years back, walking well back from the edge, sitting down, and thinking very firmly “not going back down there again”!

Hey @Rtudor , just chatting with the club last night and realised I am going to chamonix and Dublin first weeks of June so won’t be able to make it.:disappointed: Also, just a thought, but perhaps it might be better later in the year. Not so hot and the water will have warmed up a bit?

In September I’m told it’s like falling into a bath, although I’m not 100% convinced (either that or the person in question likes lukewarm baths!)

I was swimming the Med in October last year quite happily. It’ll certainly be warmer then than June - the water temp that is.

Hi guys, what about the weekend June 17-19.
Water is warm in June apparently. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was still
nice in late September

To whom may need extra incentives :slight_smile:

count me in as long as it doesn’t involve getting days off as those are long gone! Cheers Ariel

Weekend break. Agreed.

Dear Chat,

How odd. I was just talking (17.05 hrs) to Richard Haszko about Mallorca. I was there 8-15 April. Fantastic weather and unlimited climbing, although I didn’t do any. I went with Dan and Sara with their families (2 of my children)
Terrific coastal scenery and vertical cliffs.
Beware of wild goats going into your sacs and pockets.
Great food and inexpensive wines.

there are two gear shops. (even ropes etc if you leave yours behind)
I went into the one in Polenta (not Port de Polenta.) it is is a narrow road leading to the square with 365 steps to the Church. Mention the NLMC as I gave out a big schpeil about us…
With luck it wont be tooooo hot.

Allen Bordoley

hi fellas, is this still going ahead or are we looking for other dates? spain can gets pretty bloody expensive so we rather book well in advance!

Hi Ariel, it seems that June is very busy and not a lot of people can come. I think we’re going to postpone this for late September. Cheers

Nice one. I’d be up for that if doesn’t clash with the new members meet on the 16-17th.

Hi, it’s time to open the discution about this trip. The dates I’m considering are 16-18 Sept, so smth like a weekend out of city. Does this work with interested people?
Cc @andrew

I would definitely be keen! But I can only do the weekend before.


No can do. That’s the new members meet weekend!
Unfortunately rest of September is out for me too.