Dorset 16/17 December

John Wallbank and I are heading to Dorset tomorrow morning - leaving around 7:30 (location TBD - somewhere on the road from Stratford) - to climb at Swanage, bivvying at Guillemot Ledge. If another pair wants to join there are two spots in John’s car (want to avoid climbing as a 3 given short days and sea cliffs). Anyone sufficiently recovered from their Christmas parties to join? (I barely am).

I would be quite keen for a day trip, weather does not look great for


A wintry bivvy on Guillemot Ledge is an essential part of this mission, and it doesn’t look like any rain until potentially Sunday afternoon…

Hi all.
Is anyone up for the whole weekend then?

Would be great to get some climbing in :smirk:.


Squeezing the eagle on 2017…