Devon Meet 14-15/16 UPDATE - (Now going to Peak District)

I have an extra day free on the 16th august and wondered if anyone wanted to get out that weekend and to perhaps drum up any interest in a mid august meet?
What d’ya think? Anyone interested?
Cheers Martin

Hey Martin,
I think that weekend (14/15) had been earmarked for a Devon meet, but didn’t have a volunteer to run it. So feel free to set something up / capture yourself a volunteer to run it! Unfortunately I’m away that weekend but hopefully catch you on a meet soon!

Hiya Martin, I’d be up for something I think, although I am not sure I can take the 16th at this point.

EDIT: I can’t take the 16th or the 13th so standard weekend for me :unamused:

Planning to climb with a friend that week but trying to persuade him to go to Devon to coincide with the meet. If that happens, Martin I’ll happily climb with you on the 16th. Can give you a ride back to London too. This time I promise not to get pissed and forget about you.

nice one! didnt realise the meet was on. will pop a traditional schedule together to get things moving and will scope out camping options

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Howdy everyone.
Heres a wee schedule to scope interest. I’ve made this the official Devon meet.
Lets see who’s interested and i’ll checkout camping options.

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Access denied…check the access settings Martin!

try now

All good

@bullopolis The latest CC facebook page provided the following info on new campsites, which shouldn’t have full notice boards full of rules :-).

Update on Culm campsites.

If anyone is thinking twice about braving the roads and swarms of visitors further down in Cornwall then consider the Culm Coast. Great new guide, thanks Mark x2, and great routes.

2 new basic campsites have opened next to the A39 on the N Devon Cornwall border handy for the coast.

The first at The Little Pig farm shop between Bude and Kilkhampton offers Wild Camping, but presumably not free, the second is at Welcombe Cross Little Hollacombe Farm beside the "A39 a few metres S of the existing Caravan and Campervan site. Both are basic turn up and pitch sites, no booking needed.

Believe me, apart from Bude Braunton and Croyde it’s quiet with uncrowded beaches and great crags! (No midges![:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m based in Bideford now, so v. keen for this - can’t make the saturday though, but down for Sunday (maybe Monday too).

wow…of course the culm!! a whole host of ukc articles on it recently…looks amazing…will check it out. thanks for the tips :grin:

And there is the brand new guidebook for it The Climbers’ Club (

I cannot emphasise enough how evil the Culm is.

(Also I’m purely focused on sport climbing for the rest of the year so nasty snappy death rock trad = me going to Portland!)

oh dear… sorry to hear that Paulo! never been but all the photos etc look amazing!

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A fit sport climber ought to be able to walk away from Lower Sharpnose with a good haul of stars and E points. Certainly a pumpy change from the remainder of the Culm…

Or have all their gear rip out

That sounds unfortunate!

I think from your description (snappy death rock trad) I had assumed you had been elsewhere on the coast. Best ignore me then!

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Due to lack of transport Martin and I have now booked train tickets to Sheffield! If you fancy some gritstone (early forecast quite hopeful) let us know.

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