Day Trip Sunday 7th May

Is anyone with a car up for a day trip Sunday 7th may?

I’m going to the peak with a friend if you wanna car share? You’d need someone else to come too as I am leading all the VS’s :grin:

Can’t do, so have fun, but do mind the nesting restrictions at Stanage, there’s a lot of them now!
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I could be up for a cheeky day trip!

Me too if the numbers work!

Not that many restrictions on Popular End of Stanage actually. What there are I reluctantly follow. The wretched things only started nesting on the cliffs during Foot and Mouth, for centuries before they were quite happy on the moors behind.

Hi all - thanks to Holly for the lift for me and a mate who I’ll climb with.

Not sure how the logistics work but perhaps the other two could pair up and join us?

@jobangles @RolandP Chris and his friend are now going elsewhere tomorrow so I have 2 spaces again in my car. Leaving from Cockfosters at 7am. Please let me know asap if you wanna join.

Thanks Holly. Up for it if Johannes is…?

don’t think I can quite handle a 5am start, so will have to drop out unless a later start or a closer meeting place to leytonstone is on the cards.