Day trip on the bank holiday weekend

Anyone want to do a day trip this bank holiday weekend? Moving to a separate thread so it doesn’t get lost in the long weekend plans.


I am hoping to be down in dorset this weekend doing some sport/trad/dws (weather depending)

Will keep you updated if I head down there or not.


I’d be up for something on Monday possibly… depends what you want to do and where?

I would like to do a day trip. Obviously places that are daytrippable from
London may not be from Leeds (and vice versa) but depending where you go I
may join you.

Hi all,

I’d make it either of Saturday or Sunday, no point it joining the crowds for the drive home on Monday night.

I’d fairly keen for Swanage - not sure what the weather is doing in the Peak to be honest (some forecasts rainy, others definitely not). Either way it would be nice to have company in the car for the drive from London.

I’m likely to be down there as I will be driving down from York on Friday eve, Saturday will likely be DWS around the freeborn man area but keen for anything on sunday.

I’m cycle training on Saturday and Sunday so I’m afraid I’m out… hopefully next time :slight_smile:


Forecasts are a bit all over the shop. Might go to peak on Sunday if it improves. Else would anyone be in for a trip to Dorset Sat or Sunday? Ideally trad, maybe bolts.


I will probably be there, around the freeborn man area if you are down. Doing a bit of DWS on saturday and likely bolts on sunday