Day trip on Saturday?

Anyone fancy driving down to Portland or cheddar for a day trip on Saturday? It’s looking like it could be sunny and warm (ish).

Has anyone shown interest? Yesterday the forecast wasn’t encouraging but it’s improving…

On the way down now! But staying for the whole weekend if you fancy joining :slight_smile:

Anyone up for a day trip tomorrow 5 October 2019? Portland or Bristol, depending on weather and people’s locations.

(BTW; I thought it might be nice to have a “Day trip on Saturday” repeating thread so I’m re-animating this one since it’s got the right title)

I’m interested. I live near Seven Sisters. You can reach me on 07787753757.

Great, we have a trip. Mattia is also interested for some of the time so we’ll go to the Wye Valley and meet him there. Two spaces free in the car for anyone who can make to somewhere close to the North or West of the M25.