Day trip 19th August?

Does anyone fancy a sport/trad day trip on Sunday 19th August? Unfortunately I’ve got prior commitments on the Saturday so can’t make Pembroke, but would still like to get some climbing in that weekend.

I don’t have a car, but fingers crossed one of you will! Or we could just train down to Weymouth or Wareham…

I’ll be at Mile End next Wednesday if anyone wants to discuss plans.


How do Tom, I’d be interested in a one dayer, although I dont have a car either! Lets discuss on wed. :smiley:


Yep see you Wednesday

I’d be game if it’s sport climbing or some easier trad and I could follow. Don’t have my long rope / quickdraws here in London right now though :frowning:

Happy to rent a car, would be worth if we’re 4 people, I think.

I might be about in the peak District sport climbing if anyone is about. Probably at the cornice or wcj cornice

Hi All,

Looks like i’m going to have to work on Sunday so I won’t be available for a trip.

Lets get something set up soon before the winter rolls in!