Dartmoor Meet 2022

After the great success that was this year’s Cornwall (ahem) meet, well be returning (ahem) to the south west to pay a visit to the much neglected Dartmoor!

When? Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd July
Where? We’ll be staying on Beara Farm just south of dartmoor, I’ve booked for 9 but that’s flexible
How much? Camping is £8pppn and fuel is as ever split with your driver.
Signups: NLMC Dartmoor signups - Google Sheets

Given recent rapid thoracic degredation it’s unlikely I’ll make the trip but will make sure there’s a representative there, an apostolo-di-Giorgio if you want.

So drink up thee cider and get yer name on’t form!

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I’m keen but would need a lift, Marianne’s taking the car to Fairhead.
Would anyone be up for bouldering? Can supply one or two pads if we have enough space to get them down…

Alas we are heading to the Alps that weekend. Dartmoor is great - though watch out for the grading, which in my experience is pretty stiff, and the ground is often pretty close!

I’m potentially interested in joining, with or without the family in tow depending on how conducive the weather is to them having fun camping. Coming from Poole so independent of other travel faff I think.

For me it depends a bit on whether there’s anyone going that’s short a partner and is interested in doing similar things - leaving my wife with both children for the day has a high price in brownie points so I want to make the most of it!

My trad is a bit rusty but probably some of the Dewerstone routes - CC direct and some of the E1s like Fruitflancase - are of most interest. My logbook/profile on UKC (AJM) is up to date by way of a CV! Let me know if anyone is interested …

Hi there. My partner Ale and I would like to join, but would need a lift. Although as the HRH meet that wasnt a meet I am happy to rent a car and share costs. M

We’ll be going if the forecast looks OK, happy to offer 2 spots from Finsbury Park

I’m thinking of going too… weather dependent also, but it seems to be ok… Will be driving from Oxford area Friday night but could pick people up from W London somewhere if needed…

Would it be possible to borrow a tent for the meet? I should probably buy my own but still haven’t managed to do so

morning all. i tweaked my knee last night at the wall and its super stiff and painful now! so wont be joining the meet. sorry :disappointed:

:frowning: sorry to hear that… hope you recover quickly!

So, who’s still going? And does anyone still need a lift?

If someone of the going folks (which is you and @Ladislav, I presume) could kindly lend me a tent (or dare I say, agree to share one, however, I do understand this may be considered a faux pas :), I’d love to go. In this case, I will join Lada at Finsbury park for a lift. If that’s not possible, no worries, I’ll go to the pride instead

Hi Daniel, I only have one two-person tent… which you’re welcome to share, but since I don’t have anyone to pick up I was thinking of maybe leaving early on Saturday morning instead of Friday night (it looks like there might be some rain Saturday morning anyway)…

@Ladislav are you still planning to go?

Hey, sorry, given the weather and numbers, I’ll drop as well. Seems like Saturday will be rainy and it’s not worth it for one day of climbing.