Crampons and ice ace

Hi there. Doing some ski touring in the coming months and need an ice ace and some crampons. Was gonna buy, but if anyone got any tips/ or have some old serviceable ones that they would like to get rid of would be much appreciated.

Hijacked thread

Does anyone have Mike DLR’s ice axes gone AWOL post lend? Asking for a friend.

@GarethA I’ve unhijacked the thread into a different one so that the subject is more likely to get the right attention.

@bullopolis if I do get my axes back then I’ll be happy to lend you them after Gareth finishes with them. The crampons that go with them have well worn front points but they’ll be fine for easy gully climbing like on most ski tours as long as you adjust them forward of the boot tips.

thanks mike. ive bought some now. 1 climbing works alpin axe and black diamond crampons! for pretty cheap and the axe is t rated!

hope you find yours ok. :smiley::smiley: