Crack climbing Millstone 20/21st of July

Hi all,

With @Christopher_Knight we are going to Millstone for a weekend of Crack climbing on the 20/21st of July. Drive Friday night come back Sunday.

Neither of us have a car, so we were thinking of renting one if no one with a car is interested to join.

For campsites I can book one as soon as i have numbers.

Message me on WhatsApp if interested.



Oh golly gosh I would’ve loved to join but already booked up :sob: lemme know if you want suggestions!

Tentatively interested :slight_smile:

What a lovely idea. Also tentatively interested!

Interest a lot! :slight_smile:

Yes please. It’s my friend time there so any suggestion is more than welcome.

Regent Street. Great E2 5c, well protected.

What kinda grade you looking at? The Mall is an obvious classic VS, loads of gear, loads of fun, but slightly sketchy top. You could nip round to Lawrencefield and do Great Harry too. Anything corner-y will give plentiful options for gear/rests/moves and is a good way to build confidence in your jams.

Don’t forget it’s Pay and Display now at Surprise View car park. The Mall is quite uphill for VS but very well protected. If you are feeling really good do Bond Street: good gear but quite tough at HVS.

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Dexterity, Great North Road both very good.

Amazing! Thank you Holly and Richard. Yes we would be looking for VS routes max. I think most people interested are new to jamming.

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Anti-rec: don’t ‘warm up’ on Embankment 2 :sweat_smile:

Or any Embankment really. They’re good, but hard work!

Definitely not. Although easier if both cracks used. Embankment 3 tough on the toes!

Also tentatively interested although some negotiation may be required. I have a score to settle with Dexterity!

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Ah ha! Whichever way you go, towards the top it gets hard.

I may be interested.

If there’s a spot going in a car, I’ll be up for it too :slight_smile:

Hey @Peter and @BenWhetton great that you guys are interested. I had 8 spaces held at Thorpe Farm Bunk House for those initially interested and paid for 6 people this morning who committed. If you are leaning towards yes, I can just get you booked in for one of the remaining slots I’ve held. Otherwise, you’ll have to book yourself in at a later date. It’s £25 a night FYI.

A bunch of us are taking the train up on Friday and either cycling or walking to Thorpe Farm Bunk Houses. James will be there with his car over the weekend and could potentially ferry the non-cyclists. Anyone who on driving / needing a lift should indicate so in the spreadsheet. Millstone 20th/21st July - Google Sheets


I recommend crack gloves if you don’t have them already.