Covid 19 - need help?

I just wanted to say that if anyone is in isolation and requires groceries etc delivered I am not immunocompromised (yet!) and am lucky enough to be fairly flexible with my work so should be able to help out if around so please ask. Doubtless there are others in the same category. I know many of us do not have family to lean on in London.

Apols if this has been stated elsewhere or in a more general communique - I didn’t see it.



Nice one Gareth, that’s the spirit and I think you are the first on chat to offer. Well done.

I’m not in isolation either and I’m in London (I know, rare), and would be happy to the do the same. So anyone who needs a helping hand, this is the thread.

Likewise. I have a car and am willing to help.


Wonderful! I second Gareth’s offer!

I am also on a group that are mobilising to try and help those in the Stoke Newington area. If anyone on here needs some assistance, or knows anyone who does, I’m available to help and can add anyone in Stokey to the group’s list.

Much love to all xx

By the way, there is a Facebook group for Islington called Islington COVID 19 Mutual Aid for those looking for help or offering it. It has organisation and links to neighbourhood groups.

Thanks Khalild - looks like same groups exist for at least some other boroughs eg Camden

Nice one Gareth. Likewise for me. I’m based in Stratford and still functional.

Don’t fall for this - he’s logistically challenged #spaingate

Snaps to the above, and if anyone has loved ones in Clapham/SW lemme know if I can give them a hand… :slight_smile:

Also something worth sharing with those loved ones who are a little daunted by total self-isolation and are somewhat tech savvyt -

Shhhh… I thought we agreed never to mention spaingate

I like how this is already a thing :slight_smile: is useful for how to process deliveries.