Cottage this weekend

I’m thinking about heading to the cottage for some snowy walking / ridges this weekend - anyone else fancy it? The forecast looks good at the moment.

I'm heading there too- forecast looks good. Will drive from London if anyone wants a lift,


He will.wgen would you start?

Hi Jan- would leave London about 18:30 on Friday, if that helps?


I might turn up. I am working in Manchester on Monday so can only offer a one way lift unfortunately. I’d be keen to do a snowy scrambly ridge route.

He Will,
thanks. Unfortunately I would like to come with my girlfriend annette but she has to work until 7pm at KingsCross. I guess the earliest we could make is 7.30pm. Don’t want to make you stay longer in London than needed… and I don’t even know if you would have 2 seats available.

Hi all … just been warned of really high avalanche risk in n wales atm … especially gullies, and certain aspects (eg pyg track!) be aware if there at weekend! Gullies are NOT in for climbing. (I’m going up and weather looking good but too much snow!) No ice yet either as far as I know. But sunshine and snow so good walking / ridge scrambling weather - full winter conditions up high … crampon and axe stuff. :slight_smile:


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Hi Jan,
19:30ish from King’s Cross works (although Oakwood Tube might be best). Do either you or Annette drive (might be good to share some of the driving)?
Will07977 477 813.

Hi Will, do you have space for another? Happy to share driving. (Also just sent you a text) Thanks Sean Smith

I’m going to drive up tomorrow (Saturday). Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday evening and getting out on the hill on Sunday. :smile:

Hi All,

I just joined the club with my partner Josh. We were keen on getting to the cottage this weekend (a bit late notice) or more realistically next weekend - monitoring the forecast. We’d be renting a car - possibly leaving on Friday evening and back either on Sunday evening or Monday. So no concrete plans just yet but we were wondering if anyone would be up there / would fancy it…


I and Jan are contemplating going, but the current forecast is not very encouraging…

Hi, I’ll be up late on Friday 5th to Sunday 7th, I’ll be heading up from Stroud, and will be mostly doing checks and jobs around the cottage and barn and tracks, maybe see you up there,


hmm indeed - weather forecast not exactly glorious - that’s why we hesitated for this weekend too. Good to know you’re there the weekend of the 5th Chiz, maybe better to keep an eye on that one instead…

well if you do come up that weekend and it is rainy you can always earn some valuable club karma by helping with the jobs at the cottage and barn, or come and walk the dog with me

Hi Chiz, we can’t make it this weekend either. Would have been nice to meet you and helping with the jobs! We’re still planning on getting up there soon and will keep an eye on the thread. Have a nice weekend! Z

Hi Zoe, the weather looks pretty atrocious and if I didn’t have appointments up there I doubt I would go! I think it will be wet dog walks rather than scrambling for me.
Hope the weather clears up and you can get up there soon, there is always the working meet in early March!

The weather looks good for Friday and not too bad on Sunday so I am planning to drive up to the cottage for a few days scrambling; or possibly some classic trad if anyone is around. I can offer lifts from the N/W London area on Thursday evening coming back Sunday evening.

If anyone is staying on beyond Easter Monday, we are coming up on the Tuesday with the new wood store, if anyone is about I would greatly appreciate any help carrying the parts up the track!

Hi Alison,

I'm keen to get up to the cottage for some mountain routes/ scrambling. Not sure which day I can join you (definitely not able to travel tonight), but would like to get involved.

07977 477 813