Cottage strimmer

Hi all, just to let everyone know that we’ve retired the old petrol brush cutter and replaced it with an electric strimmer. It is hanging up under the stairs, along with a pair of safety goggles, spare cord and the instruction leaflet. There is a lawn rake for gathering up the clippings.

The new strimmer is of a type that should be familiar to many members, it has a nylon cord rather than 4" metal blades, and although not as powerful as the petrol brushcutter, is lighter, less hazardous, and doesn’t need fuel! There are safety glasses kept with the strimmer.

If anyone has even 10 minutes to strim around part of the cottage that will help keep the grass and weeds down so we can all enjoy our Pimms on the lawn…Mike has kindly strimmed around the cottage, but he has a lot of other jobs that are higher priority, so if it looks like it needs a cut, and you have ten minutes, please help keep your cottage strimmed!

H&S note:
If you do use the strimmer please check the cables and plugs for nicks or exposed wires, read the instructions before use, and only use the strimmer if you are familiar with operating it. Please wear stout boots (rather than flip flops), check for hedgehogs and don’t dunk the extension cable in a puddle. Finally put it all away tidily for the next user. Thanks!


Hopefully the sun will be shining, the rock will be dry, and the cottage will be full this weekend, so if you have 15 minutes spare, please see if you can give the grass a quick strim and rake, and help keep the cottage in good order. Thanks!

As ever let me know if there are any problems/issues at either property. Have a great BH weekend of climbing,