Cottage lock issue

I’ve had a report of issues with the Cottage front door lock not locking properly. This has apparently happened on several occasions over a couple of weekends.

My information is: ‘When I went back to the cottage I found the front door unlocked. This was because the little latch thing that comes out stays retracted unless the inner handle is turned after the door is opened.’ So it sounds like we all need to double check the door is locked after leaving, and if not, turn the inner door handle so the latch is freed up and can lock.

Mike P is going up to have a look, but we may need to get the locksmith out. I shall keep you all informed. In the meantime, remember that the same code will get you in the side door through the shower block.

Can I just ask all members that is they find any issue or problem at either property that they let me know as soon as they can so I can fix the problem. My contact details are up in both buildings, on the members list, or you can PM me via Chat on here. I can’t work miracles, but I can get things moving and suggest workarounds. But only if I know there is a problem. Just let me know and I’ll get things sorted.

Chiz, Hut Warden