Cottage lock change

Dear all,
after some delay the locksmith has finally fitted the new code locks on to the Cottage doors. Members should have received the code with their membership cards. There are locks fitted on both doors, so if one does break, please use the same code on the lock on the other door. We have been having some issues with one of the Barn code locks but hopefully that is just teething problems. If there are any issues let me know.

The Barn codes were updated at the Working Meet -the code is on the noticeboard in the Cottage in case of emergency.

Thanks go to Valerie and Richard for meeting the locksmith on site,
best wishes


Hi all,
just a further reminder that the Cottage is now accessed by code-locks, the code is written on the back of your membership card and there have been several notifications and reminders of the change. There is no key backup, you must have the code with you.

If you do forget the code for whatever reason then please contact a member of committee who will need to check against the CURRENT membership list before sending you the code. And remember that we may not be awake/compos mentis at half 11 on a Friday night…put your code in your phone/wallet/Gau.

Please can everyone refrain from posting the code online, for however short a period of time. Posts on here are copied by email to many people, some of whom aren’t current members or even members at all. Please do not pass the code to guests or other non-members. The only non-members that may have the code are trusted tradesmen and Mike the caretaker. If the code is given out to non-members we will have to change the code which involves contacting every member and letting them know. Not something we want to have to do.

There are two locks on the cottage doors, both with the same code. If one doesn’t work, try the other. You may have to press the C ‘clear’ button several times if the mechanism sticks. There is WD40 in the tool chests and a quick squirt may help once you have got in. If there is a problem with the locks then let us know ASAP so we can get the problem checked out,


Thanks Chiz. I take it Allen A (aka Dr Death) is up for an award at the
annual dinner now.

Does the keylock only have one code or is there a second emergency one?

Where I work there are around 40 of them all with different codes and
someone emailed the master list out accidently. That took quite a bit of


Hi John, can’t possibly discuss that! Awards are at the discretion of the committee…

There is no emergency code, they are mechanical locks. There are two locks so if one should break somehow you can use the other.

Even with only two locks, we really don’t want to have to reset the locks other than at the planned annual change.

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The new fangled long life ones, whatever they are called. Not the old school tunsten element ones. Fluorescent? Not LED. They are bayonet fitting though apparently

Oh for the days of Tilley lamps…