Cornwall solstice meet - 24th/25th June

It after 9pm and still bright outside which means the longest day of 2017 will soon be upon us. On the weekend around the solstice NLMC members normally travel halfway across the country to climb on the glorious Cornish granite and eat ice-cream. General plan is to drive down on Friday night, stay in the Treen farm campsite and climb on Saturday and Sunday. There will also be the usual barbecue on Porthcurno beach on Saturday night. Some people may stay longer and/or have cream teas.

Even though it’s a month away, it would be helpful to know rough numbers so we can let the campsite know what to expect. Can you please respond to this thread if you plan to come? Please also let us know if you have a car and are willing to drive.


I am a likely - driving from telford area :slight_smile:

I plan to attend and am happy to drive from Enfield/Oakwood.

@L_Pio and I will def be heading down. May have a car.

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Forgot to mention that Manchi and I are going down. However, we’re travelling down on the Saturday and are planning on staying for a day or two at the start of the week.

Hi Tim,
I will come with Annette.

Thanks for organising.


I’m coming. That makes 9 so far @Tim_McD.

Come on lurkers, sign up and let Tim know that you are coming to give him a mandate to negotiate the best deal for us with the campsite.

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I’d like to come if someone can squeeze me into their car :slight_smile:


Hoping to make it down.

me and @mhobby1979 would like to go - @Peter do you have room in your car for two?


If Jan and his wife are still coming in my car, then no - Jan, please confirm.


Hi Peter,
Yes we are in :grinning:

So am I :slight_smile: @Peter

Cool no probs! :slight_smile:

Hi folks. I’m looking to climb an extra day or two either side of the weekend. I would be up for leaving Thursday or Friday evening and coming back Monday evening. Is anyone interested in adding a day or two on?

Hi, I may be able to take the Friday or Monday off.

Sounds good Chris. I’m still looking at logistics but favouring leaving Friday afternoon and coming back late on Monday.

@jo_keogh have you sorted out a lift for the 2 of you ?

Hi Dave!

We are planning to squeeze into JTs car unless you have spaces to make the
luggage/ drive easier for all.


I’m waiting to hear back from @hughmerritt if he want a space…