Just so this doesn’t get lost in the other thread…if you’re coming to Cornwall please read this!

As the meet approaches, a couple of updates regarding Cornwall

  1. Thanks to everyone who has put their mobile number into the spreadsheet - anyone who has not yet done so, please do! (It’s for track and trace)
  2. Everyone needs to pay me, and I will pay the campsite on everyone’s behalf. It’s £6 per person, per night (bargain!)

My account number is 56852286 09-01-32. It’s easier if everyone just bank transfers to me, though I guess I could take cash on the weekend. When you’ve paid me, please indicate that you have done so in the new column added to the spreadsheet!

  1. As mentioned above, Max has been a hero and sourced us a minibus back to the campsite from Porthcurno beach. WHAT A HERO!

p.s. there are a lot of people needing lifts, and not that many cars by the looks of things. Advise people to start talking to each other about ride shares! Those mobile numbers for track and trace suddenly have an excellent secondary function…

here is an alternative mini spread of people leaving from London who need a lift + people leaving from London who have spaces

Dan B and Judith Will already be in Cornwall having come down from the north a week earlier. so cannot offer lift but if anyone needs Penzance pick up etc let me know.

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Ah thanks Dan!

If necessary I can get a sleeper train to Penzance as long as i can catch a ride back on the sunday!

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Is Max not able to sort you out?

Sweet! will keep a spot for you on the way back. Cheers, Ilyass

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Might still be a spot with Lada?

I can’t go down early unfortunately.

@Ladislav ?

Who still needs lifts? Or has space?

I can do the weekend or maybe go down a day earlier. Have car so can drive and take people, but would prefer a co-driver (ideally who already has insurance).

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The one and only! Get involved.