Cornwall meet: covid

Dear all

I have some very bad news - after coming down with a nasty illness on Monday, I yesterday (Tuesday) tested positive for Covid 19. (Only just got the message this morning).

I have informed NHS Test and Trace but everyone who attended the Cornwall meet should get tested immediately.

The silver lining is I think I may have caught it from the pub in Mousehole on Sunday so hopefully you will all be ok. At any rate I expect a lot of you will be hearing from NHS Test and Trace yourselves.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!


I’ve had a negative rapid test before the meet, a negative PCR taken on Saturday when there was a brief scare and then another negative rapid test after. I suppose a repeat test now makes sense??? Hopefully that’s a sign for all the other members. Look after yourself Paul.

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I have tested negative on Lat Flow today and Monday. PCR results inbound.

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Negative rapid test today. Hope you’re not feeling too rough Paul!

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Paul, Sorry to hear news. Take care and well again. Keep elbow in flexing condition for merry fluids. Allen Bordoley
Hopefully off to 70th birthday party for Allen Abramson, if he is negative… in Frome. this weekend. Secret arranged party
by his partner Lisa…?..

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everyone seems to be testing negative apart from us, and no reports of symptoms from anyone else so far, so hopefully everyone else managed to evade the blasted thing!

Fingers crossed…

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Rachel got told to self-isolate this morning by her app but it might not be due to our noble leader. We’ve both tested negative.

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The app seems very random in who it does and doesn’t contact. Don’t think Rachel and I were in close proximity for more than about 20 minutes on the Friday so would be really weird if she got an alert because of me but others didn’t!

Fingers crossed indeed. Just a thought here but after restrictions are lifted and lots of people can go to the cottage is it justifiable, moral, possible to have a requirement that one has to have a negative test, previous infection or double jab in order to use it? A bit like foreign holidays.


Curious. My app went off in the early afternoon today for an encounter on Saturday (App->Settings->Other data), though I wouldn’t say I was in close contact with Paul that day. A few words at the campsite and mostly 3+ meter distance at the BBQ?

No symptoms. Negative flow test yesterday, awaiting results of today’s PCR test.

Hope you recover quickly Paul!

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Yes the app seems totally random! I think Mike is your link though - he had a notification on Saturday too

I can’t be the link for Victor since I have only tested negative, so no trigger.

The app isolation end date is based on the date that you met person that triggered it for you.

Seems that contact with Paul’s mobile would be counted on Saturday and so everyone has isolation for 10 days from then.

My PCR came back negative yesterday. :tada:

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