Cornwall: bad news re Campsite

Hi all,

so unfortunately the people at Treen Farm Campsite have said we can’t make a booking this year. In the past they’ve always made an exception for us, but apparently not this time. The reasons are a bit unclear, but the decision seems final.

The options are:

  • To try and make a booking elsewhere (though this makes the BBQ on the Saturday somewhat more logistically challenging)
  • To go to Treen Farm anyway and just hope we can get space, each party arriving as and when they can


@dabarlow your extensive wisdom of all things Cornwall appreciated here!

There appears to be a pop-up campsite in the summer months not that far from Treen Farm, called St Loy. Pretty basic but could be an option for people arriving late…

If they said no. I would leave it for this year.
It would be better to give them space and ensure good feeling between them and the club. But that’s my opinion, it’s only one year.

What individuals do themselves is up to them. Is it a place you need to book or first come?

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That’s a shame. They’ve been very good to the club for decades, but I have been slightly worrying over the last few years as they became a more formal campsite that our group booking might be problematic. The campsite has become increasingly popular and presumably blocking off a section for us for just a weekend might make them turn away custom from people booking for full weeks.

As for alternatives, I don’t know of another within walking distance of Treen beach. If the St Loy site is within walking distance of the beach and would accept our booking - or we could reasonably expect there to be space - that sounds great.

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I’ve held a trip here for 30+ students in the past and they were very accommodating.

How that works with BBQ/traditional club climbing locations I can’t comment, but always an option if group bookings are a worry!

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Think it’s better not to go to treen. Have we got approximate numbers if we are trying to approach somewhere else. Jude and I planning to come to Cornwall meet so that’s two plus three or so that have replied to Paul. Dan

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Sounds like avoiding Treen is the best policy at this stage.

Tower Park - if they’ll accept a booking in advance - may be our best option. I’ll start a meet thread to get an idea of numbers ASAP.

The BBQ on the beach will be logistically more difficult as campsite now won’t be within walking distance, but we can work out what to do about that in due course.