Collage themed festive quiz

Dear all.

Can you name these crags/ routes?

Climbers at the Reach might be familiar with these fantastic collages from Fiona Spirals, most of these can be bought as a late Xmas pressie



Collage 3 is Demo route at Sennen.
Collage 6 is Old Man of Hoy
Collage 7 is top of Lower Tier with Valkyrie top belay in the foreground and the buttress with Hawkwing behind

collage 2 looks like either swanage or portland…the one with black in the title!?
collage 4 those slabby bits in pembroke?
nice. either way!
merry christmas everyone!

1 is the cannon on Tryfan

2 is the view back to Blacknor from battleship on Portland

3 is Demo Route

4 is DWH at Gogarth

5 is Old Man of Stoer

Ian got the rest

wow!! font of…! at least i got 2…sort of!:rofl:

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Sorry for neglecting this. Yes, you’ve got all the answers with Paul’s help. The portland one is pregnant pause… there’s a tiny climber on the arete.

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Doh so it’s Blacknor Central not Battleship

I’m about 99% sure that the foreground and artists position is at Battleship, down by the back cliff, and that the background is blacknor. You can’t get that “cliffs in the background” perspective if the foreground is pregnant pause - what are the background cliffs in that case?

Similar perspective photos from the battleship section of the current rockfax offered as evidence …

Good point! If that was indeed Pregnant Pause, you wouldn’t be able to see any other cliffs in the background. It IS battleship!