Club Newsletter: last call for contributions

Hi everyone

The deadline for Club news/articles is this Friday, ideally by 9am for the Autumn newsletter. It’s the height of the climbing season and Tutu & I have a lot on so keen to keep as close to this deadline as possible for receiving material for the newsletter this time round.

@PaulSagar: let me know if you still want to submit an article on “A Nightmare on Almscliff: How I learned to stop whining and love hand jamming”
@dabarlow: let me know if you still want to submit an article on Saxony climbing

And does anyone want to write up the recent Club meet to Devon? Let me know asap!


@Manchi coming your way shortly - what’s the best address to send it to?

Hi Manchi.

Is someone doing a report on the Alpine Meet? Here’s a picture of a lot of the group there, Valerie took the photo so she is not in it.



Please send all news and articles to

Ta v much!

No one’s come forward yet…

Club members: any takers for writing up the Alpine meet?

I will write a piece for the Newsletter. I nominate @george_margesson for the write up of the Ailefroide meet. :wink:

Copy has been filed.

Haha well delegated Mr President! I will try to put something together.

I know it was a bit cheeky but I thought you and Toby had some stellar tales. Thanks George.

Hi Khalid, Hi George - the newsletter is pretty full and I’m editing it now (before I leave for Ireland at lunchtime). Please don’t worry about it, I’m happy to include it in the next newsletter.

Ta v much!