Club Newsletter: call for contributions

Hi folks

I’m starting to put the next Club newsletter together and the deadline for news/articles is 3 weeks away. Please send all contributions to

Deadline: Friday 16 November


Dear Honourable Editor of Distinguished magazine.

Thank you for waking me from my slumbers. I will attempt and try to write an article for you and even find a piccie or two for the now famous magazine in colour,

I remain at my typewriter/computer playboard.

Allen B. Bordoley

Thank you, Allen :slight_smile:

Nudge, nudge. The deadline for newsletter articles is tomorrow.

Manchi, outgoing newsletter editor
Paul, incoming newsletter editor

Hi Manchi.

I’ve got lots of old stuff I could send if you are short of material e.g. three Scottish sea stacks in a weekend.

Thanks @Haszko. I’ll be using your sea stacks article in the next (winter) newsletter, and the Tremadog article in the spring newsletter.