Club meets for 2017- where do you want to climb? (Make it happen)

Hi all,

The committee are putting together meet dates for 2017. If you have a meet you’d like to put in the calendar (because you want it to happen and are willing to organise it) please reply to this thread or to

Organising a meet involves:

  • Telling me this week so I can include it in the calendar (optional!)
  • Emailing chat to invite people / remind them it is happening
  • Helping organise lifts if possible
  • Maybe booking accommodation e.g. camping (normally fairly late, in case destination changes due to weather)

2016 meets run by members included: Saxon sandstone by Jan (incredible!), Scottish winter meet (redirected to alpine ice climbing due to weather)

For new-ish members: Meets are great for allowing people to book time to climb, and having something in the diary to get excited about- but we still climb every weekend nevertheless, and most of the climbing we organise is ad-hoc.


Not also was Saxony a great trip organised by Jan in stunning scenery, it saves on baggage allowance because there was no point in taking a rack…