Club Hut Door Code

Hi. Has the door code changed since the 2017 membership cards were issued? It’s been a long time since I have been to the hut, planning to pop up this weekend if I can get in.

It’s going to be very wet!

If the forecast is correct and you are travelling any distance and don’t
get there often you might be better off leaving a visit until the weather
picks up

Got a free weekend so getting away when I have the opportunity. Fingers crossed the 2017 code works.

The code for 2017 is valid. It will be changed in March at the working meet and the new code will replace it. Cards will go out very soon and info will be attached.

Thank you.

Probably see you Saturday night!

It turns out I will not be at the Hut this weekend. MOT expired today…less cycling to work and more driving or maybe not :grinning: