Club Easter Trip to Font, 25-28 March 2016

There’s already a big contingent (of members and non-members) going to Font next Easter (we’ve booked 2 gites for the week, 26 March-2 April):

  • Me & Tim
  • Eulee
  • Nick
  • Joe & Anya
  • Ian
  • Hanneke & Peter
  • Fran, Paul & Gregor
  • Thom, Caroline & Sylvia
  • Max, Ruth & family

I’m going to book a campsite for those who would like to go for the long weekend (25-28 March 2015). Who’s interested?

Naomi and I are going to Font. We have two mats but will take the van so have room for two more people and at least another mat.


I’ll probably book this place: Camping Les Pres, Grace sur Loing.

Is that okay?

I’m not sure yet if we will be able to go.

For your info, the twice that I’ve camped, we’ve stayed at Camping La Musadiere. It’s a nice wooded campsite and very close to the main climbing areas with good facilities. They don’t have a website but you can find them easily enough. e.g.
Their e-mail address is

I would recommend it for campers on this trip but it depends where your gîte is too.

Thanks for the suggestion, @khalidqasrawi. I shall look into it…

I’ve booked 12 places at Camping Les Pres, Grace sur Loing.

Naomi and Tom, are you guys staying in your van, or in a tent?

Who else would like a place? I need to let the campsite know the number of tents…

@jo_keogh and @mhobby1979 will also be attending the meet but they’ve booked themselves into a treehouse.

Please can you put me on the camping list. Thanks

People with confirmed places at Camping Les Pres, from 25 to 28 March:

  1. @Alison
  2. @stephen

Two more joining us on the meet, staying in a Milly-la-Foret gite:

  • Duc Le
  • Kenny Watson

Hi @Manchi. Could you add me to the list of weekend campers please?

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You’re on the list now, Stephen.

Sorry @Manchi et al but @naomi_bessey and I are no longer going to be come to Font. I appreciate this causes a number of problems transport-wise but we have so many trips away this year that we can’t really justify this as well.

More importantly, it is also the week before our wedding. With the benefit of hindsight it was somewhat optimistic to expect we wouldn’t have a lot of things to finish that weekend.

Best wishes for fine weather.

No worries, Tom. Totally understand.


A quick reminder that I have a dozen places booked for Club members at a campsite in Font. Will anyone else be joining this meet?

Update list of people staying at Camping Les Pres:

  1. @Alison (25-28 March)
  2. @stephen (25-18 March)
  3. Hanneke den Houden (24-26 March)
  4. Peter Koopmans (24-26 March)

Hi @Alison and @stephen - have you both organised your travel for the meet yet?

Hi Manchi

I hadn’t realised how early Easter is this year. Consequently I’ve not arranged
anything, so I think I had better give the Font trip a miss this time. I might
try and go in May instead.

Have fun



Ah no worries Alison, thx for letting me know.

I have just confirmed the final numbers/attendees with the campsite.

If anyone is making their way to Font under their own steam, please drop me a line (07775 861 559) and I’ll add you to the WhatsApp group for the meet to receive updates on the crags we will be heading to each day.

Here’s hoping for plenty of sunshine!

More rain than last year, but still plenty of bouldering actions had by all who attended!

It was a fun trip as always!