Climbing trip 16th-18th September - Peak District

Started a separate thread and renamed the Wales side of this weekend’s trip thread!

We have reserved the Thorpe Farm bunkhouse (The Byre) near Hathersage for Friday and Saturday night (not Sunday as some people can’t do the Monday including two of the drivers). There’s still bunkhouse space for another 5-6 people, and several cars going from London. If you want to come along PM me your number and I will add you to the Whatsapp chat. It’s likely to be £15-£20 per person per night.

I would love to go for 3 days weekend.
Please, let me know and we can make additional booking for the Sunday night at the bunkhouse too.

I haven’t booked for Sunday night as quite a few of us can’t do Monday and the cost will be very high if we book the whole thing for a few people. If you want to book it on an individual basis it is £17.50 I think. I doubt you’ll have to share it.

That’s sensible Matt. If we get the numbers maybe.

There’s a small bunkhouse in Bamford called the Cheese House which might suit a small party staying on for Monday (the larger one seems more expensive if we book it all, £230 per night, or the same price on an individual basis). I have used it before, it’s quite decent.

Apologies if not appropriate, but too good not to share




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