Climbing Goals 2019?

So…what are everyone’s climbing goals for the year?


  1. Do a Scottish Winter lead

  2. Tick 100 trad climbs

  3. Of that 100 trad climbs, average HVS (or higher)

  4. Lead my first E2

  5. Lead Left Wall at Dinas Cromlech

  6. Do the whole of the Cuillin Traverse

  7. Try to fit some sport climbing in, aiming to lead 3+ 7a routes, and averaging 6b overall

is this for accountability @PaulSagar? Usually if I write things down they never happen

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Haha yes it is a way of checking up on myself in a year. See how well I’ve done.

(Got so close to onsighting 6c+ for the first time TWICE today, grrrr…)

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I’m guessing it wasn’t the same 6c+ twice… good effort either way.

you’re still in El Chorro? is it good? i never got round to moving that far south… and now I’m going to Tenerife!

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My goal for the year is to think of some goals for the year…

Actually go to Pembroke for once. Probably unavoidable.

Lead all the decent HVS routes at Almscliffe. Only about 4, so that’s very do-able.

Climb the remaining 96 routes on my 104-route grit ticklist. Less do-able.

Climb the remaining 64.5 routes on my 77-route North Wales ticklist. Unlikely.


okay… I may need #10, couldn’t come up with anything.

  1. bolt at least 1 new route
  2. introduce 2 friends to climbing
  3. learn climbing jargon in 3 languages
  4. learn to tie 4 new knots
  5. paint on 5 climbing helmets
  6. discover 6 new climbing destinations
  7. onsight/flash 7 x 7bs
  8. do all moves on an 8a+
  9. take 9 falls

Matt I’ll help you with Pembroke at least, if not some of the others.
‘Go to Pembroke’ is top of my list. (And climb there, obvs).
Lead an E1.
Mine are pretty simple goals tbh

I’ll also be aiming to speed up climbing & anchor-building on multipitches, in order to minimise the risk of climbing in the dark on scary cliffs with excessive walk offs that involve needless mountain summitting. Although good times :smiley:


Bit of consolidation for me. My pyramid looks like a flag pole :slight_smile:

Have lots of fun and try hard.

  1. Climb many HVS
  2. Climb at least one multipitch in the pass
  3. Lead dream of wild horses
  4. Try some 7s, at least at the wall (Holly inspired)

hmm, goals?

1 Not be hut warden any more
2 Climb something other than the Cuillin Ridge