Climbing at the Reach


Anyone local to the Reach or up for weeknight climbing? I’m only 5 mins away and looking to get down twice a week.

I’ll be up for this on an ad hoc basis. Jess and I were going to aim to go every Wednesday afternoon, but I’d be happy to meet up for some additional sessions or team up when she’s busy?

sounds good Paul. i’ll get on touch on whatsapp.



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Hiya, I climb quite a bit down there (also technically a rep for the social club there although I mainly do the Instagram stuff as I tend to work on their club nights) would be happy to climb with you sometimes and introduce you to some of my of the people I know who climb there if not a lot of NLMC members are there regularly.

I’m new to the forum (and not a member yet) but looking for climbing partners for The Reach in Woolwich.

I’ve been climbing for ~15 years, am a competent belayer - I live in Brockley and would be keen to get on the lead walls once every few weeks. Preferably weekday evenings after 7.30pm.

Anyone keen?

Hi @Conor_Cussell,
I am keen until the 17th Feb. I’ll be there Monday, Wednesday, Friday. After that, it will be more of a monthly activity unfortunately.

Can’t be down there today. But still keen on Wednesday. Friday.

Hi Conor,

And hello Tony. I’m local and climbing down there fairly often. Looks like you’ll make plans for tomorrow, shout if you’d like to make plans for next week.

I’m down there with someone on Friday if you want to say hi.


Hey Tony, sorry I can’t make it down this week - but let me know if you plan to head down in the future and I’ll see if I’m free.

Max, would be up for next week. Monday or Wednesday work for me.

i’ll PM you a number. I’ll know on Friday which days I coudl do next week.