Christmas Curry 2020 style?

Having just flipped the beautiful NLMC calendar over to Dec and noticing the date for the Christmas Curry, I wondered if we should attempt a virtual one? all interested get takeaway (or make their own if so inclined) and meet online?


Sounds good to me!

Great idea

As long as I can have just a virtual hangover the next morning.

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Never averse to scoffing curry!

@Haszko you can have my virtual hangover. Don’t worry always happy to help out a club member. I don’t need it at all.

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Sounds like a great idea!

Sounds good to me.

Good idea I’ve been watching Masterchef Professional for inspiration. Episode 8 inspiring with aloo chaat

I’ll be getting a takeaway

Bonus lollipop for reindeer attire I assume

Sounds great - what day was it again?

Dec 16th is on the calendar…
Yes to xmas attire
and hey its snowing up here so getting properly in the mood!

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Snowing! How much? Possibly enough to slide down in the higher up places?

a slim possibility. It was not even a cm. But up on the peak might have just covered the grass… if you have rock skis you don’t care about …sledding might be possible.

Looks like ther might be skiing in Scotland next week!

So folks what time do you wanna start the Curry at?

Sorry delay. 7pm? V relaxed.

Sounds good , I can possibly set up a google meets but wasn’t there access to a zoom account? Is that still up and running?

There was, failing that I can set up a Zoom call with my work account.
Although I don’t think we’re likely to be able to join until 8ish…

I still pay for some reason…I can host


I have scheduled a Zoom thingymabob for 1900 this evening, details below.

Bring your own beer
Bring your own curry
Bring your own jokes
Dig deep and find something jolly to wear. A virtual lollipop is available for best sartorial effort.

I understand it is an annual tradition for Mike DLR to bait a thief to take a bag from the bag pile and then hunt them down in the street no less viciously then Schwartzenegger in Commando. The virtual nature of this event makes that logistically tricky but if you step out Mike we understand what you’re up to.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 605 650 8891
Passcode: 000000