Chilblains anyone?

Hello Guys,
I will proceed to ask suggestion on the LAMEST topic on earth. Chilblains. I keep having chilblains during the winter (still have them and is almost spring!) and mostly this happens when I work from home as my feet freeze and I don’t seem to realise. And somehow NOT when I’m climbing Lockwood’s chimney in the rain?!?. I was wondering if anyone suffers from the same and if they found some solution to the problem? I was mostly thinking of buying a pair of fancy warm slippers… Fancy warm slippers suggestions?
PS: No Khalid, I don’t think crocs are the solution to the problem…

Post this on UKC and see how many totally unhelpful responses you get.

Dr Wikipedia says:

  • Avoid rapid changes in temperature (including from cold to hot)
  • Wear warm shoes, socks and gloves.
  • Wear a hat and a scarf to protect the ears and the nose.
  • Avoid tight fitting socks/shoes.
  • Exercise at least four times a week to improve circulation
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I was basically wondering if anyone bought a pair of slippers that helped? Currently undecided between sheepskin or some sort of NorthFace camping things… I used to have the most amazing IKEA xmas duvet slippers but they broke beyond repair. I should mention I only have feet problems hands and nose are fine!

They actually help! Bad look but warm with thick woolly socks!
Suggestion: build a Lockwood’s chimney replica in your living room?


I’ve pretty much got Raynaud’s, fingers and toes go white and numb if too cold, then crippling hot aches and swelling which can last the next day sometimes. I find if I stay still too long it’s more of a problem i.e. hands when cycling, any chance you could use a standing desk or move around a bit more?

Slippers should help, motorcyclists have battery heating packs for keeping them warm when static.

I’ve just been suffering from this today in my right foot, primarily I think because I’ve been over icing my right knee. I’ve been wearing socks today to warm up the feet.

The itching is what I find bad about it though E45 itch relief cream helped until the foot warmed up

I’ve got a pair of these, which I stick in my indoor slippers on cold winter mornings. They’re not the most durable, but When treated with care, I find them to be fantastic. They connect to a mobile phone charger / USB battery pack.

£2.27 5% Off | BSAID 5V USB Electric Carbon Heating Sheet for Shoes

Thanks!! This weather has definitely helped!!

@L_Pio - Bit of a thread necro, but it was cold enough yesterday morning to try out my new slippers. They have a full rand and a proper sole so are a bit serious looking, but are awesomely toasty! :sweat_smile:

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Thanks Mark! I have been starting to get that chilly feet feeling lately so I will have a look xD

Do you reckon this model would be less effective? They do look less crazy and ultimately come in cute blue.

I’m a wuss who gets cold ankles, so I can put up with them being a bit funny looking!

The soles on the mule ones don’t look as grippy and not waterproof, so might not work if you want to pop outside with the cat etc.

Less ugly but with better soles?

First one are men version of the one I sent but second one look good! I usually change shoes to go out with cat but it’s a good point - slightly worried though that non plastic soles might get colder although I would imagined these are designed not to do that?

No idea!

Sure they will be fine, but rubber soles give you a distinct grip advantage for play/tickle fighting with your other half if you have wooden floors… :thinking: