Chamonix Trip/ Meet

Hi All,

We are planning on being in Chamonix for 3 weeks in late August/ September this year, focus on rock climbing in the valley/ Aiguille Rouges. Would be great to hook up with other NLMC members and get a group of us out there!


I’m probably looking at around w/c 14th Sept.

I’d like to do some alpine stuff - but expect it’ll be largely condition dependent!

That’s great! I’m around until the end of September. In Chamonix or where ever the weather is good :+1:

I’m in Cham from 22nd August until 3rd September, staying in Les Houche. Sorted for climbing, but it’d be good to catch up.

I’d still quite like to but I might be scuppered for large amounts of holiday in September thanks to my colleagues getting in first :unamused:

Rob and Vi are currently based in Cham area fir the foreseeable future so will be around.!

It is currently sunny… DSC_5631|690x388

Excellent- looks workable (which is great). We are going by train for the first time, if anyone has any tips?

I was thinking of heading to the alps to do a mountaineering course - learn to use ice axes etc - once the dissertation is done, so from end of Sept, Anyone around then?

Drop me a line closer to the time, I may still be in Chamonix.

Hi Lottie- worth noting that most of the guides/ climbing schools seem to finish the season mid-September, with accompanying cable car closures etc. 2020 may be different though, following the lockdowns earlier in the year.


The Midi lift runs until early November and guides are very happy to teach you axe work even if you have to go to a different mountain range than MB.

Overall it is harder to find nice ice and snow to climb in the late summer, but if you are lucky, late Sep / early October are cold and rainy, bringing new conditions in the high peaks.

Aaaa, damn this submission date is badly timed! :see_no_evil: I’m now tempted to just work all of the hours to try and finish it early…

I’d like to get away late August so if anyone fancies a partner with a season in hand shout!


Looking to go away in August…

I have a rockfax book but has anyone used this one?:

Will most likely have a space or two in the back as our friends might not be able to come.


I have just booked off the last week of August…

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Hi Ross, yes that topo is useful for all the climbing in the valley, mainly single pitch bolted climbs that you can do without the lifts.

Longer (usually bolted) multipitches with lift access are in this topo:

While the high quality Chamonix granite you can get familiar with e.g. in these two areas:
Plan des Aiguilles:
Envers des Aiguilles:

Has anyone with more experience than I got a general opinion on conditions for alpinism in late August? A guess tells me it’ll be getting hot and rockfall-y

Late August is great for high altitude rock routes, as (usually by then) snow&ice will have given way to rock and gravel in most couloirs. The snow slopes and ridges become bare and covered in either loose rock or the black ice (extremely brittle and rock hard)

If you just choose your projects according to the conditions you will have great time, Chamonix is full of beautiful granite. For more mixed and icy adventures, going in June or waiting until October makes sense. However, every year is different

Me and John are flying to Milan on 14th August, back on 26th. Plan is either something in Cham or Aosta as well, mostly higher mountains and long routes.

Rental cars seem a bit pricey, so if another team wants to join us for the car (or has a lift :smiley: ), we’re game.

Hiring cars in Italy is always expensive. Something to do with the Italian drives or thefts…