Cats at The Hut

I note that 1) dogs are allowed in the Hut, but only downstairs.

Does the club have a policy on cats?

If so, are cats

A) allowed in the hut
if so
B) allowed upstairs


If the answer to A) is not “yes”, this is clear anti-feline discrimination, and the club will be hearing from my lawyers


You have a book entitled Chavs on your shelf :laughing:

It’s not even a good book. It’s by that tosser Owen Jones and I think i stole it.

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I think the cottage should have a resident cat to keep those mice away! They make quite a racket in the gaps under the dorm floor :smiley_cat:

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Wi-Fi and a dishwasher Paul. Then you can have your cats.

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As long as they are hypoallergenic cats of course and they are trained not to immediately jump on people who are allergic as most cats seem wont to do


@Max_A what about the surround sound Bluetooth speakers?

Trained to love belly rubs - will that do?

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The cat will be ok as long as it’s not there when I take my goldfish.

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Ok well just let me know when you’re bringing the fish and I’ll make sure we go at different times