Castle Monday-Friday morning

Hey there,
My freelance contract ended and I am waiting for a new job. In the meantime I’ll be climbing a lot.
So if anybody is up for a session during the day when the castle is less busy I am up for it.
Lead or boulder, I don’t mind
Climbing around 7a. Aiming to get back to a good 7b shape

how do chris. i am around during the day at the mo. bit hot for it today i reckon but how about friday?

I’ll be there wednesday 9:30 to 11:30
friday same time?

that would be great! will get it booked. wednesday am doing the old school nlmc mile end meet. come along! theres usually a bunch there. bouldering tho, although thats good for those 7b moves! :grin:

Hi, so, I am at the castle mon-fri, day time almost every day.
Drop me a msg and we can climb :slight_smile: