Castle Friday 22nd pm

Anyone be up for a castle session on ‘work’ Christmas eve as will have a bonus early finish? Either from lunchtime or starting late afternoon?


Tim and I will be at the Castle from around 3pm onwards, with a few

Hi - sounds good. I’d quite like to do a roped session; will you be bouldering and should I look to bring a rope?

I can come early on Friday and I’d be happy to do some leading.

Tim and I will bring a rope. Yvonne and Manik will also be at the Castle

Sounds good guys. Tutu, do you have a rope?
I can either get there lunchtime and stay til 4pm, or -slight preference - from about 4.15pm.

I don’t have my own rope @Max_A, sorry… although could ask my babysitting friend if I can borrow his on my way in. However, I can’t stay too late, will prob. be there from lunchtime till 5pm-ish.

Cool. Will see about bringing mine and aim to get there earlier.