Castle Climbing Monday Nights - 14-Dec-2015

Heading to the Castle tonight for bouldering and leading. Everyone welcome, especially new and potentially new members. Should be there at about 7pm. Cafe for tea and biscuits at 8:30pm?

I’ll be wearing my NLMC t-shirt.

Alas, I have to attend the school panto tonight.

Surely not as funny as watching me attempting a dyno!

I’m looking forward to the NLMC panto.

Today is the 14th not 15th…

I’ve amended the title. Might make sense to have a thread, “Castle Tonight” that gets resurrected whenever someone wants to mention their climbing activity.

Thanks @dabarlow and @stephen. How about regular Mile End Wednesday and Castle Monday persistent threads. We could pin them and encourage people to subscribe to the Topic if they want notifications about them.