Callout for awesome photos for club poster

I’m creating the next poster for the April New Members Meet. Does anyone have a good photo, similar in style to the last image I used? Ie photo of a club member/prospective member seconding on a nice (UK) mountain crag.
@tomhardie @PaulSagar @dabarlow @Ladislav
Thanks in advance!

Currently looking like this but a big mountain crag would be even better!

New members poster April 2020.pdf (538.6 KB)

How about this? Let people know what we’re all about

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Perfect thanks

Or maybe this



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These two are from the UK:

And a couple more not from the UK:


Also have loads more that are winter / moutain climbing, so probably not what you’re after?


Ooh nice thanks! I’ll prob use one of yours for the next poster since I’ve finished the April one now. They need to be portrait - please add more if you have them!

Sounds like I’m too late - but have one here chopped in to something vertical.


This is awesome. I might redo it and use this! Thanks

Should be able to download the original photo there! It’ll also allow you to crop it however works best with the text etc.

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