Call-out for Club News


I’m putting together the next Club newsletter, please let me have your stories via


Is anyone’s writing up the new members meet?

I’m thinking of booking the campsite in Edale for this. It’s a bit further
from the main crags than the one we have before under Stanage but is close
to a railway station, has a cafe on site and two pubs within easy walking
distance (the Nags Head is about 100 yards away!) Any thoughts on this? It
would also be useful to get an idea of how many are likely to come.

No one has submitted anything on the new member’s meet, @Haszko, so if you
want to send through a few words that would be great.

Hi, have emailed a report on huts/working meet,

Fab, thanks @chizharward. It’s arrived :slight_smile:

I won’t be able to attend the Peak District Meet next weekend but no has
expressed any interest in since I put out a message a couple of weeks ago.
If folk do want to go the campsite at North Less close to Stanage is good
but a bit of a walk from pubs. Fieldhead in Edale is good too, but further
from the climbing. However it is close to pubs and cafes. .

Hi @Hazko - this might be because your call-out is under this thread for
newsletter submissions… I’ll start another thread & see if we can
generate some interest. I for one have it marked in my diary!

Thankyou to all those who have shown interest in Allan Bordoley’s message
regarding Valerie and

myself. It bears no relationship to reality.

Dear Richard, ~Thank you for the few kind words relating to you and yours. I must be devolved from reality to have written such a piece of wrighting. I do hope that I have not been touched by the wand of the The Donald, whom I despise.

Thank you .

news. for I have no liking for The Donald.
Sincerey yours.
Allwen B.

Morning folks

This is a call-out reminder for climbing articles and club news to be be sent to for inclusion in the March newsletter.

Deadline: Fri 16 Feb.

Thank you,
Manchi & Tutu