Call-out for articles to go in spring 2016 newsletter

Please send your climbing write-ups or pieces of club news to

Deadline: Friday 18 March 2016.


Hello Club Members, don’t forget to send through your climbing articles and bits of Club news to by Friday 18 March.


Manchi, Thanks for the short note. I will deliver.
Trust you are well.
Allen B.

I am, thank you @allenbordoley. I look forward to receiving your note; it’s always a pleasure.

Hi @Manchi, I’ll write something on the Working Meet (still places available, all welcome!!) and would also like to put something in separately about the new caretaking situation if that is ok?

Will need a reminder as ever!

That’s great @chizharward! All sounds good. Cheers!

Five days until the deadline for the spring newsletter.

If you want to submit an article, please let me know as soon as possible - there might not be space. There’s going to be lots of news in this issue!