BMC - Ready to Rock! - 17th to 18th Sept Swanage - Coaching for Getting outside for the first time

Will Green the New BMC rep for South East has very generously organised a weekend of coaching for people looking to get out on “real rock” for the first time.

Target audience is indoor climbers looking to join the club, who could do with a bit more outdoors experience before coming on a new members meet for example. I did something similar at Plas y Brenin when first starting out and it was great.

We might have 1-2 spots ear marked, please let me know if you are interested and I can pass on his details?

Course is subsidised by the BMC so is pretty good value, it also handily is the week before our Sept New Members meet :wink:

Details for the weekend

Will has arranged for 3 instructors as part of the BMC Ready to Rock initiative.

They would work on a 4:1 ratio, so we could have a maximum of 12 people

The course would run for 2 days

The price would be £60 per person, per day. £120 per person for 12 people.

Dates: Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th of September 2022

Course: Indoor to outdoor trad climbing

Time: 8:30am to 4pm on both days

Location: Swanage, Dancing Ledge, meet at the Spyway Carpark

Accommodation: Camping at Tom’s Field for those who want it (would be an additional cost per person)

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Yes please! Sorry, I’ve been away and then had to deal with few things, but I would be very much interested.
I’ve sent a reply earlier to John Wallbank too, is there anything else I should on my behalf?
Much appreciated!

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Cheers Roman, great that you can make it.

Will is going to reach out to people on the lists shortly, you might need to book the camping at “Captain Tom’s field” but he can share the details.

My mate Phil is also going, he lives in Croydon, will PM you his number in case you want to look at splitting the driving/transport costs. :+1:

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That’s grand! Thank you so much!
If you guys are short of drivers, I for sure can fit him and others if needed, otherwise I may drive from Swanage straight to north Wales.
I have booked another circumnavigation around Anglesey in a sea kayak from 19-23 September

Perfect, sure you can work something out.

It’s a BMC instructor led day, going to be a mix of less experienced climbers from the different South East area clubs joining.

Not sure if other people from the NLMC will be there that weekend, worth chatting with people at the Castle in the run up to it in case anyone fancies a trip to Swanage that weekend. :+1:

Hi Mark, I was wondering if there’s confirmation for the slot ‘ready2rock’ as I have not received any emails. Much appreciated, Roman

Hi Roman, thanks for letting me know!

I will sent you Will’s email so you can give him a nudge :wink: