Biscuit factory Bermondsey

Hi, I’m working near Tower Hill and stopping in Elephant and Castle for the next few weeks, does anyone ever go to the Biscuit Factory weekday nights (Mon-Thurs)? Went a couple of times a few years ago and it was ok, is it any good any more…? Does it get silly busy early on?

It’s only a few minutes walk up the road from my digs so must be worth a shot. If anyone wanted to hook up for a session that would be great, cheers

Hi Chiz,

no one’s replied to this, so here’s my 2p.

There are two Arches/ Biscuit factory walls within a couple of minutes walk of each other in Bermondsey. Both busy, particularly 7 - 8.30pm. They are both well worth a visit for bouldering - I prefer the original site for the slabs which are good fun to play on - the other one tends to focus more on the steep stuff.

Of course, if you’re around Wednesdays, get your arse to Mile end and see you in the pub, though be warned, Tim and I reckon it was a fiver a pint last week!

cheers Max, that’s actually really useful. I finish site at 4pm so could get in early doors and hopefully not busy at that time. I’d probably get bored/burnt out after an hour so hopefully avoid the crowds. Slabs are better for me rather than steep so will try original one.

Mile End would be a nice idea but its late and way out of my way home, and although the Palm Tree was always a rip off for shit beer at stupid prices, £5 a pint is fucking unbelievable!

I had a chat to the old landlady last night and cleared that up. £5 for
Guinness or cider, £4.40 for bitter. I must have confused the matter by
buying a packet of crisps while Tim was getting the beers in, and this
seems to have upset their carefully ordered systems, such that he got the
privilege of paying for my crisps again.