Birthday drinks Saturday 2nd

It’s my birthday this week. A birthday of no significance whatsoever. No, I’m not 21. Or 30. I will be at the Castle on Saturday morning and thence in the Brownswood for an indeterminate period of time. There should also be a couple of table spaces available at the Yak & Yeti on Stroud Green Road at 7pm as festivities finish with a curry.

Of course you should all be getting rained on on’t’grit like proper climbers, but if you’re not, and you’re about, it would be great to see you. Otherwise you can buy me a pint on Monday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s right Holly, just give the game away why don’t you :unamused:

Congratulations in advance Matt. If by any chance the weekend’s grit fest is abandoned, I’ll join you for climbing, drinking, eating & social celebrations.

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Be there in the morning to wish you happy birthday

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Think I’ll be swinging by at some point, see you in either the Castle or the Pub I guess.

What time were you thinking of starting at The Castle?

9ish. Intending to finish 12ish.

Lol. Won’t see you there then.

That’s finishing bouldering at 12ish. I’ll then be in the Brownswood for a few hours!

This’ll teach me not to read the forums regularly. Drink on me next time we meet.

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