Birthday Castle Climb / Brownswood Afterwards Saturday 22nd

Late notice. It’s my Birthday on Saturday.

I’m going for a climb at the Castle Climbing Centre in the afternoon, from about 4pm onwards.
If you can’t join for climbing, I’ll be Brownswood for drinks and food from 7pm.
Please do join me if you are around.

Let me know. :smile:

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Sadly not Khalid as I’m off to visit the parents on Saturday morning. Happy birthday for Saturday and have fun.

Happy Birthday

I can’t make it either because my parents will have arrived then. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday Khalid. Afraid I can’t join you, but have a great time.

I’m afraid I can’t make it on Saturday as I am taking the train back to France. Have a great time and happy birthday Khalid !!

I’m doing my hair unfortunately

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Sorry dude, I’m off to liverpool this afternoon. Have fun and I will see you in the new year!

I’ll take pity :grin:

Up for climbing and a beer or two afters.


Happy birthday from Milan!

I’ll turn up if I’m not too hungover

Happy birthday!