Birthday Castle Climb / Brownswood Afterwards Friday 20th December 4pm-late

Okay, I wasn’t born until the 22nd but I think everyone will have headed off to the provinces (or skiing or Spain for sunny climbing) by Sunday.

I’ll be going to the Castle at 4pm ish on Friday 20th. Do come and climb. If you can’t make it to climbing, then afterwards please join me at the Brownswood for an xmas / birthday drink.

Let me know. :smiley:

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I’m shampooing my car that night sorry

Jess will be pleased!

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A shiny Kangoo? That’ll be the day…


To be brutally honest I think I’d rather watch Paul shampooing the Kangoo. Can we bring beers?


I’m away that evening, but hope you have an awesome night and birthday weekend! :smile:

Mockery aside I can probably make it :partying_face: :beers:

I will try. It’s school holidays by then but fingers crossed I can get away!
PS did I tell anyone IT’S MY BIRTHDAY the next day?!



Double celebration then. I am sure you did not mention that last year.


Happy Birthday, Khalid.


Have a lovely birthday, Khalid! Sorry I won’t be able to make your get-together I have a work Christmas party that evening.

Happy birthday to you both @khalidqasrawi and @HollyP, have a great celebration, sorry that I will not be around to share it with you. It’s mine on the 27th, but I won’t be around for that either!

I’ll be there, have to tick a couple of those cafe routes! (and for your birthdays, of course).

I’ll be at the brownswood. Won’t commit to climbing obviously, but general partying I’m up for

@khalidqasrawi - I should be there if everything goes to plan!

I won’t be able to make it tomorrow, apologies. Happy birthday us and @Peter!

Thanks folks for your birthday messages and sorry those of you that can’t make it.
Happy birthday Peter and Holly.

For those of you who can make it, I’ll aim to be at the Castle at 4pm then head to the Brownswood by 8pm although that already sounds like a long session. I’ll mainly be bouldering but could tuck a harness in the pack I suppose! Kick off on the panels which I hear has an excellent new set.

All are welcome, even you @PaulSagar, if you manage to finish polishing your motor!

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I’ll see what I can do but I’ve got this new wax for the bonnet so not sure if I’ll be done in time

Happy birthday Khalid, Peter and Holly!!
Sorry, I won’t make it tomorrow, but enjoy your celebration and merry Christmas to all :slight_smile:
(I’ll see you on the slopes Khalid :wink: )

Sounds good, I can get up there about 4. Anyone bringing a rope / doing routes?