Bike theft at the Castle

Hi all,

The bike’s long gone (theft in August), but a quick warning to anyone who cycles to the Castle.

My bike was left outside the Castle for about 2 hours with a gold-rated Kyrptonite D-lock. The CCTV’s come back and it wasn’t my incompetence at forgetting to lock it - the thief picked the lock (spending 5mins doing so) and then put it back together and left the lock untouched and in-tact around the stand (without bike). The lock still works and functions absolutely fine now…

Just a warning to perhaps use two different locks from two different brands or make sure there’s a nicer bike parked next to yours…!

I hadn’t thought thieves had got beyond car-jacks and power saws to get through locks, and hadn’t expected it to happen outside the climbing centre, behind a bike shop and on CCTV on a busy Sunday!

Watch out all! And if anyone sees a grey steel road bike with green handlebars in the area, let me know and there shall be a big reward!

That is sad to hear! Did you report it? It may seem impossible but years back I actually had my bike returned by the police. They recover thousands of bikes so you just never know.

Jason Bourne stole your bike? That’s kind of neat.

TBH I am very surprised - I see these locks left attached all over the place and just surmised the owner likely had more than one and deliberately left it locked at a regular place they visited rather than cart it around.

I was warned by a Castle staff member that bike theft there is on the up lately. If your bike’s worth more than about £500 consider buying a piece of crap for parking at the Castle…or yes, use multiple locks :roll_eyes:

A friend of mine once had their bike stolen from outside Borough Market on a very busy Sunday. The CCTV showed the thieves using liquid nitrogen to freeze then smash the lock. Some terminator 2 measures right there.

My verdict is the best solution is just to have a mediocre bike, that therefore gets overlooked…

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You can’t win sometimes, but having a chunky lock and non super expensive bike is the best option.

Any lock can be cut with a couple of 1mm discs and a cordless grinder, never heard about them picking them before though. Now worried my NY lock isn’t quite as secure as I had thought! :frowning:

That scally who picked it must have been super calm though, I could not imagine having steady enough hands to use a disc detainer or equivalent to pick them one disc at a time just on feel…